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Photo of Mahadeo Sukhai

Mahadeo Sukhai
Ph.D Program, Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto:

Mahadeo Sukhai was born with a congenital visual impairment in 1978 in Guyana. He currently holds an honours B.Sc. in genetics and an M.Sc. in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Toronto. In his second year of his Ph.D. in medical biophysics, Mahadeo's academic focus is on leukemia research through the Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital. Mahadeo maintains an active set of volunteer and extracurricular activities. He has served as the Chair of the University of Toronto Accessibility Services Student Advisory Committee for 2001-2002, and several other committees within the University community. Mahadeo has also played an active role in the development of a club for students with a disability on the U of T St. George campus, and has been interviewed in print and on film. Outside of the university, Mahadeo is a member of the Advisory Council for the "A Life Worth Living" project, an international multimedia disability awareness production.

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