NEADS Conference 2004 - Right On!


Miguel Aguayo


Miguel is a Senior Human Resources Consultant with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). He is responsible for the design and implementation of intake and outreach programs that enhance the diversity of CIBC's workforce, notably, the CIBC Career Access Program. He also involved in the internal advocacy of equity candidates in job competitions and public speaking on diversity in the workforce.

Miguel has experience with diversity and career management is extensive. Prior to joining CIBC in 2001, he managed a virtual employment resources centre for people with disabilities at WORKink Ontario, an organization provided through the Ontario March of Dimes. He also worked on a range of community development contracts and provided personal and/or vocational rehabilitation counselling through a private practice. Some of the projects that he worked on include fundraising, proposal evaluation, developing outplacement supports and communications coordination for community-based initiatives. His counselling activities include providing vocational counselling, disability management, trauma counselling, and disability accommodation assessments.

Miguel holds a masters degree in social work and became deafened at the age of 14 years.