NEADS Conference 2004 - Right On!


Employment Workshop: Saturday, November 13

Workshop Description

BMO Financial Group - For the World You Live In

Speaker: Clint Davis

BMO Financial Group is driven by Corporate Values that foster a diverse workforce and an equitable, supportive workplace in which all employees are given the opportunity to meet their professional goals. At the very heart of BMO’s ongoing initiative towards a fully inclusive workplace is our unwavering commitment to create a high performance culture for all employees, including people with disabilities.

In this workshop there will be an opportunity to engage BMO business leaders as they share experiences and practical knowledge on the transition from school to the workplace. Outcomes from this workshop include understanding the challenges of working in a professional high performance culture, knowledge of the types of roles available, what job expectations will be, and how to select courses that will help you to launch a career at BMO Financial Group.

BMO Financial Group - For the world you live in