NEADS Conference 2004 - Right On!


Employment Workshop: Sunday, November 14

Workshop Description

Ability Edge: Paid Internships for Graduates with Disabilities

Speaker: Jennifer Dillon

Join us on Sunday November 14 at 1:00 to learn more about this exciting program. Ability Edge has been offering paid internships to graduates with disabilities through out Canada since 1999.

We will discuss all the important details you need to know about participating in an internship program. We’ll include the eligibility and application process, we’ll discuss the advantages of obtaining an internship and we’ll present testimonials and the successful results of the program.

Consider an Ability Edge internship to get your career started upon graduation,

Preparing for Behavioral Interviews: Be the Last Candidate Standing

Speaker: Miguel Aguayo

The career counselling profession, as an industry, churns out tons and tons of books, websites, and articles related to how to plan and launch a job search. The number of voices speaking on this topic makes it easy for job seekers to be confused because much of the existing materials seem contradictory. Worse yet, the party that sets the rules that job hunters must follow, the employer, is usually from discourse on job search preparation. This presentation, by Miguel Aguayo, Senior Human Resources Consultant, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), will provide insight, from the source, on what jobs seekers must do in order to get an interview and prepare for it when they sit across the interview table.