NEADS Conference 2004 - Right On!


Theme 2: Inclusion in Campus Life


  • Jennifer Dunn, Consultant, Inclusion Project, NEADS
  • Jennifer Gillies, Master of Arts student, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, University of Waterloo
  • Mahadeo Sukhai, President, Graduate Students' Union, University of Toronto


  • Lena Cook, Saskatchewan Representative, NEADS
  • Alison Beattie, Alberta Representative, NEADS

Workshop Description

The benefits of involvement in extra-curricular activities have been well established for students. It is essential that students with disabilities have opportunities to participate fully in and benefit from all aspects of campus life, including involvement in campus-based extra-curricular activities.

In 2004 NEADS began work on a project to promote the inclusion of post-secondary students with disabilities in college and university-sponsored campus activities. This project, supported through funding from the Government of Canada, aims to provide activity programmers and student union executives with the tools they need to organize activities that are accessible to all students.

We are looking for several speakers who would be willing to share their personal and/or professional experience and expertise in this area.

The following key questions will be addressed in the Inclusion in Campus Life workshop:

  1. What are the current barriers to the participation of students with disabilities in campus activities?
  2. What steps can campus programmers and student unions take do to reduce or eliminate barriers?
  3. What can students with disabilities do to ensure their place in the out-of-classroom experiences on their campuses?
  4. What are some examples of model inclusion of students with disabilities in campus activities?
  5. What are some examples of model students who have participated in campus activities?