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How Accessible Are Computer Technologies on Your Campus?

The Adaptech Research Network, in collaboration with its partners, including the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS), is developing a bilingual, online survey that will give students with disabilities an opportunity to let their colleges and universities know just how available and accessible computer technologies are to them. This applied research project is funded in part by a contribution from the Canadian Council on Learning. Our goal is to create this survey so that individual postsecondary institutions across the country can collect such information. Campus staff and administration can then use the results to identify “what’s working” and “what needs improvement” when it comes to making sure that all students, including those with disabilities have the same access to computer technologies.

The session will be used to inform NEADS members about the project. We will then lead a discussion to find out, from students with disabilities in particular, what their current experiences are when it comes to seeking out and using computer technologies at their colleges and universities. This discussion will help in developing questions to include on the survey. At the close of the session, we will extend an invitation to those interested, to get involved with us in our work.


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