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How can I, as a first year university student with a disability, learn to be an effective self-advocate with professors, tutors and other students at my school?

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NEADS National Student Awards Program


  • Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada
  • Applicants must have a permanent disability*
  • Applicants must be currently registered in and returning to a full-time program of study at an accredited Canadian post-secondary college or university. Full-time status is at least 40% of a full course load.

*For the purpose of these awards, a permanent disability is a permanent functional limitation which affects the ability of the student to participate fully in post-secondary education.

Application Guidelines

  • All applications must be typed and submitted in a clear font, at least 12pt.
  • Applicants must submit using the awards application form online. Supporting documentation may be sent by e-mail or regular mail.
  • Faxed applications and supporting documents will not be accepted.
  • This is not an entry level award. Graduating high school students are not eligible to apply.
  • Answers to application questions should focus on specific achievements in a post-secondary environment and within the community. Applicants should avoid going into detail about the nature and/or history of their disability except if it relates directly to questions asked on the application form.
  • Please ensure that all questions are answered completely. Information supplied for each question must not exceed the allotted space.
  • No additional documentation above and beyond required supporting documents will be considered.
  • Application material will not be returned under any circumstances, nor will it be used for subsequent years.
  • All applications and supporting materials must be submitted, postmarked or emailed by the deadline. Late or incomplete applications or documentation will not be accepted. It is encouraged to get required documentation from your institution as early as possible, as this must also be submitted before the deadline.

Application Materials

All of the documents listed below are required in order for applications to be accepted. All documents must contain the student's name and/or student number.

  1. The completed application form submitted online
  2. Proof of current post-secondary enrolment. Acceptable documentation includes one of the following:
    • Letter confirming registration status from the registrar, or
    • A copy of your student account that lists current courses, or
    • A class schedule
  3. Proof of permanent disability, supporting documentation includes one of the following:
    • documentation showing receipt of provincial and/or federal disability assistance, or
    • letter confirming the disability from an official at the university or college service centre for students with disabilities, or
    • medical certificate
  4. A résumé or curriculum vitae.
  5. A recent academic transcript (unofficial transcripts, or academic histories, will be accepted)
  6. A Community reference form
  7. An Academic reference form

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