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Creating a Culture of Accessibility in the Sciences

Announcing the publication of 'Creating a Culture of Accessibility in the Sciences' by Dr. Mahadeo A. Sukhai and Chelsea E. Mohler -

12/9/2016 -

Students with disabilities face many significant barriers to learning about, training in, and employment in, the sciences. In today's society, a science education and scientific literacy are requirements for full participation – regardless of where we live, even if we are not interested in working in the sciences, barriers to learning science negatively impact our ability to be fully contributing members of society.

Accessibility in the sciences is more than just being able to physically access a science lab, and it is more than being able to use the technology in the lab. It is our hope that readers of this book will come to appreciate the many elements of accessibility that form the fabric of a new culture of inclusion and universal design in science education. This innovative and groundbreaking book, by Dr. Mahadeo A. Sukhai and Chelsea E. Mohler, is intended to be a conversation starter for young people with disabilities, their parents, educators in elementary and secondary school, faculty in colleges and universities, and student services professionals about the barriers students with disabilities encounter in the sciences, and ways we can all work together to overcome them. We encourage you to check out our book and share widely with friends, colleagues, and those in your professional network.

Creating a Culture of Accessibility in the Sciences is available for purchase online at Amazon, through Elsevier Publishing’s Academic Press website, and at your favourite bookstore.


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