NEADS Board of Directors Statement of Principles

July 18, 2010

We, the members of the Board of Directors of the National Educational Association of Disabled Students, envision this Board an ACTIVE, ENGAGED and INTERACTIVE entity, with OVERSIGHT AUTHORITY over the business of the Association. We will undertake this charge and responsibility under the principles of GOOD GOVERNANCE, TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY.

It is our collective responsibility to set the direction of the Association, in the short and long term; to ensure the smooth operation and continuance of the Association; to work closely with the staff, while overseeing their function and effectiveness; and to serve as ambassadors for the Association and its work in our local jurisdictions.

It is our individual responsibility to take advantage of all the leadership and skill development opportunities the Association provides; to participate in Board meetings and the work of Standing and Special Committees; to engage with fellow Board members and staff in a constructive and respectful manner; and to serve the Association to the best of our capabilities.

As we are accountable to the Associationís membership for our stewardship of NEADS, so is the Staff of the Association accountable to the Board for all its activities on behalf of the Association and the Board. We will work together to ensure that our obligations to the Association and its membership are met, and that we continue to meet the expectation, both internal and external, of executing our work on time, under budget, and with dedication and perseverance.

The success of our individual and collective efforts will be measured in the success of the Association. It is our responsibility as a Board to receive, review and understand the performance measures of the Association; to determine how well our decisions as individuals and as a unit are being implemented; and to recommend action as appropriate, be it by Staff, the relevant Committee, or by the Board as a whole.

We are the ultimate arbiters of the Associationís business, responsible for its decisions and liable for its actions. We accept this charge, and pledge to work in harmony for the success of the Association.