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Reach 2022 Hoarding Conference - Part 2: Legal Challenges
Toronto, Ontario
June 1, 2022
A variety of legal issues can arise for individuals who live with the experience of hoarding. This session will provide general information, highlights, and strategy related to housing and, in particular, evictions, consent & capacity, and the Mental Health Act as they relate to hoarding behaviours. Legal practitioners will share their first-hand experiences and practical advice on how to advocate for and work with clients living with hoarding. The session will also include a brief discussion on the legal challenges associated with administering the estate of individuals who struggle with hoarding, from the perspective of an estate trustee.

Presenters: Sylvia Chapman (Lawyer, Community Legal Services of Ottawa), Anne Smith (Paralegal, Action Logement), Mark Handelman (Counsel, Whaley Estate Litigation Partners, Member of the Consent and Capacity Board), Bryan Gilmartin (Associate, Whaley Estate Litigation Partners)

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

This session has been accredited by the Law Society of Ontario for one (1) hour of EDI Professionalism Content and is eligible for one (1) hour of Substantive Content credit.

Reach's 2022 Hoarding Conference, presented by Meridian Credit Union, aims to increase awareness of hoarding, provide practical tips and resources to support those experiencing hoarding behaviors, address legal challenges related to hoarding, and improve community collaboration around these difficult situations. This event is a three-part conference series being held in May-June 2022 in memory of Mr. Neil Leon Coulman.

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