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Eco-Ableism: Inclusion in Sustainability
Vancouver, British Columbia
August 10, 2022[0]=AT1PZi7pdO9jVZPHjpJYEmX-ELWZva07iMKiLcvtnvcvarWBxNofsiP49H2_1JlWIX4sDP1UxJzRgRo6Z_h5j1TOdJuO4gl_Rpp5EXnNVFSeZbR3tpuHvPZWGYEzF7R_qWnCbetPFaGRrdkNbSa44a3c9612SdUIEvqGNKyM0hoXwxJIAFznVtUpIg1uRUN-COlXh0GqzP6Fjo3Kl9_2dDlWwWi0A8ZwXg
Who gets to be involved in conversations about the climate crisis? As the world continues to change, people with disabilities and their perspectives are often left out of important decision-making discussions. How do we ensure disabled people are included in environmentalism spaces? Join Students for Barrier-Free Access in a conversation about the intersections of disability rights and environmental justice, the climate crisis, and share insights and experiences.
Date and time: August 10th at 6:30pm EST
This event will be hosted on zoom. Event details will be sent out to registered participants closer to the date of the event.
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