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Health and Wellness Promotion at Auburn University
Health and Wellness Summit
Auburn, Alabama
August 25, 2019
This year Health Promotion and Wellness Services will be hosting their first annual Health and Wellness Summit for all students who work and volunteer through the office. The Summit will include overviews of HPWS' programs and services along with activities to connect students working with different groups within HPWS.

Along with HPWS, Tiger Dining will be hosting brunch for all students who are attending. Brunch will be done "Auburn Family Table" Style, a new initiative to encourage less screen time during meal time.

Students should RSVP to the Summit using AU Involve. All students in the following groups will be required to attend the summit:

BeWell Hut
Dream Team
Nutrition Team
Wellness Coaches

Other leaders of groups associated with the office are invited to attend but not required:

Active Minds
Aubie EDA
Its On Us

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