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Autistic Student Support Group - York Federation of Students Access Centre
Toronto, Ontario
September 23, 2019
York Federation of Students Access Centre:

Autistic Student Support Group is back!

Make new friends in a supportive safe space. Access information and community resources.

The support group is by and for the autistic community. All facilitators identify as autistic. All autistic folks welcome! We respect self-diagnosis.

Each month will have a different topic. In September, folks will be discussing Special Interests. This will be a relaxed space to discuss what interests you. Share your passions and learn about others.

Join us on the second-last Monday of every month from 4:00 to 6:00 in the First Student Centre room 321.

If you have any questions or access needs, send us a message on Facebook or email (

Hope to see you folks there!
[Poster plain-text: “Autistic Student Support Group.

First Student Centre Room 321.

Second-last Monday of every month.

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

September 23: Special Interests.
October 21: Overcoming Overload.
November 18: Community Networking.

A supportive safe space made by and for folks who identify as Autistic. Come meet fellow community members, develop coping strategies, share stories, and uplift each other as we explore what it means to be on the spectrum. Self-diagnosed people are welcome!

For any questions or access needs, contact us:

(Facebook symbol) @YFSAccessCentre
(Email symbol)

(The Access Centre logo is the words "York Federation of Students Access Centre" written in grey and orange with a blue person using the letters as an assistive device.)]

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