Access to Academic Materials for Post-Secondary Students with Print Disabilities


In the conclusion we referred to several ‘cross-over’ questions that contained identical, or very similar wording. The purpose of these questions was to compare the responses given by both the service providers and the students. A complete list of these questions is contained in table 41 below.

TopicQuestion # in Service ProvQuestion # in StudentComments
Training1426Service Provider: training in Production of AFs, students: in use of AFs and technology.
Which AFs required1615Identical
Provision of AFs1716Service Provider: which AFs successfully provided, Students: currently provided by institution
Copyright: rights1830Identical
Copyright: responsibilities1931Identical
Complete AF versions2219Identical
Barriers2622Although structured differently, similar info
Info. In AF3129Identical
Quality1033Service Provider: quality of in-house production. Students: quality of materials received.
Rate best, worst experiences3234Identical

Table 41. Questions that solicit the same information from the surveys

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