Faculty Awareness and Training in the Post-Secondary Community: An Annotated Bibliography

Cambrian College

Sudbury, Ontario

Presentations for Faculty Awareness

In-service training and presentation aids

At Cambrian College, faculty awareness of disability accommodations is presented to full-time staff in conjunction with general in-service training. At the beginning of the school year, training is done as part of the orientation process for new faculty members. In-service training also occurs at other times of the year when a faculty member inquires about resources and services that can help students with learning disabilities achieve success.

Learning Consultant Pamela Morel, of The Glenn Crombie Centre for Disability Services, conducts these training sessions. Morel has developed several excellent PowerPoint presentations to assist her in her faculty training program.

One presentation discusses what a learning disability is and various accommodations and supports students would need for success in their academics. This clear and concise presentation provides checklists of expectations students may have of teachers and expectations professors may have of students. Clarifying each person's role helps to eliminate the confusion that can slow the learning process. The checklists deal with many topics relating to effective learning in the classroom including: how to maintain satisfactory notes, understanding and completing assignments and writing tests and assignments.

Another presentation focuses on learning assessments and how students' individual strengths and weaknesses can be linked with specific accommodations and strategies to enhance their learning success. Several charts are provided that discuss specific accommodations and strategies. Different types of information processing - visual, auditory, integration, memory, attention, motor, speed and organizational - are discussed in detail. This is an excellent tool. The overheads are colourful and easy to read and understand. Hard copies of these presentations are available.

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