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Faculty Awareness and Training in the Post-Secondary Community: An Annotated Bibliography

Grant MacEwan College

Edmonton, Alberta

Faculty Awareness Activities at Grant MacEwan College

Letter from Abigail Parrish-Craig - November 1, 2000
  • Information for Faculty Leaflet
    This information is provided to instructors in several ways: quarterly inclusion in the MacEwan Today (staff newsletter) which is received by all staff; attached to the Request for Accommodation letter delivered to instructors by students requiring accommodations; and included in the New Faculty Orientation package.
  • Request for Accommodation letters
    Each student requiring accommodations presents their instructor with the letter prepared by Services to Students with Disabilities in conjunction with the student.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in the Classroom - A Guide for Instructors
    Forwarded to instructors who have deaf students using interpreter services registered in their classes.
  • Professional Development presentations
    SSD facilitates awareness presentations during college-wide professional development days at a minimum every two years.
  • Program Staff Meeting attendance
    When invited or when a specific need is identified, SSD attends program staff meetings to provide information and to discuss concerns.
  • Responsiveness to Faculty and Student Need
    SSD makes it a priority to respond to faculty requests for information, consultation, and/or advice in a timely, individualized manner. Furthermore, SSD will facilitate meetings and discussions with instructors and students to address student concerns.


Abigail Parrish-Craig
Counsellor, Services to Students with Disabilities, Grant MacEwan College.

Abigail Parish-Craig
Counselor, Services to Students with Disabilities
Grant MacEwan College
P.O. Box 1796
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2P2
Phone: 780-497-5811
TTY: 780-497-5225
Fax: 780-497-4656
Web site:


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