Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions

Personal Counselling Services

One-on-one counselling with a counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist is a valuable tool for all students in PSE who may experience a variety of personal and emotional issues. The following are recommendations from PSE institutions on providing this service effectively.

  • Conduct intake consultations with students who are new to counselling/mental health services or are returning after an extended absence as this will help to identify appropriate needs and interventions. For facilities dealing with large volumes of students with mental health needs, a hospital-style triage unit can help identify and prioritize more serious cases.
  • If students seeking counselling require more serious and long-term care, make referrals to community resources. It is important to ensure students with mental health disabilities are fully supported in locating and obtaining the most appropriate services for them. Consider allowing student health plans to cover a percentage of costs for external services. Offer information and assistance on other payment options.
  • Obtaining documentation of a mental health disorder is often difficult and time consuming so it may be useful to have staff available on campus who are qualified to provide testing and documentation. This way, students may quickly obtain appropriate interventions and accommodations. If this is not possible, offer referrals to community resources and information on funding options.

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