Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions

Parking / Transportation

Transportation can be stressful and costly for students with disabilities who might not have a convenient means of commuting to and from school. Driving may provide some freedom for students with disabilities but can be burdensome if accessible parking is not readily available.

The following are some recommendations from PSE institutions with regards to parking and transportation for students with disabilities.

  • Provide accessible parking spaces at various locations across campus, including residences, social and recreational areas, and academic buildings.
  • Parking permits from outside provinces and certain international countries are valid across Canada. However, there might be slight differences in policy so it is important to provide students with information on the regulations within the specific province.
  • If students do not have a provincial accessible parking permit, information on the process and help with the application should be offered. This includes those who may require a temporary parking permit.
  • In conjunction with the accessible parking permit, students with disabilities will most likely pay the same fee for a student parking pass. However, if a different parking pass is required for different lots on campus, provide students with disabilities a “universal” pass which allows them to access all of the lots. Restricting people with disabilities to certain lots may eliminate the advantage of having an accessible parking permit.
  • For large campuses or colleges/universities with multiple campuses, implement a shuttle service for students with disabilities or a general shuttle service that is fully accessible.
  • Ensure that transportation for social events that require travel, such as school trips or shuttles for school sporting events, is accessible so that all students with disabilities can participate.
  • Allow for collaboration and information sharing between the disability service office and parking services so that students with disabilities requiring accessible transportation services do not need to supply documentation that has already been submitted.
  • Make information on accessible transportation services, including parking and shuttle services, available and well advertised to students with disabilities.
  • Provide readily available Information on accessible off-campus transportation.
  • Students with disabilities who feel transportation to and from school might be an issue should be able to speak with a disability advisor to help plan convenient and accessible transportation.

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