Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions

Academic Accommodation Process Resources

The resources below are best practice examples of accommodation processes utilized to assist students with disabilities obtain accommodations within Canadian PSE institutions.

College/University Resources

  • At the University of Western Ontario, requesting academic accommodation for first year students is a four-step process. To see more visit http://www.sdc.uwo.ca/ssd/index.html?requesting_acc
  • In order to request accommodation at the University of British Columbia registered students meet with a Diversity Disability Advisor who acts as their primary contact and the person whom they book appointments with. After reviewing the studentís documentation, the advisor prepares accommodation letters for the student to present to their instructors at the beginning of the term. To learn more visit http://www.students.ubc.ca/access/disability-services/support-students/
  • Students at UBC must also complete necessary forms if they are requesting services such as accommodated exams, notetaking, alternate format materials, peer tutoring, and captioning or sign interpreting.
  • Trent University allows returning students who have been previously registered with Disability Services and who do not require changes to their accommodation plan to register on-line at the Disability Services Website. To learn more contact the Disability Services Office at (705) 748-1281 or by email at disabilityservices@trentu.ca
  • Laval University has different accommodation processes for different disabilities. Additional information and details can be found on their website at http://www.aide.ulaval.ca/sgc/site/cocp/pid/1077
  • In order to receive accommodation at the University of Calgary, students must register with the Disability Resource Centre. Students are asked to identify themselves to each instructor within the first two weeks of class as well as provide each instructor with a copy of their academic accommodation letter. The Disability Resource Centre provides the students with letters to be given to their professors which indicate their academic accommodations. These letters are ready for pick up on the first day of classes every semester. In addition to accommodation letters, students are given an Instructor Confirmation Sheet (ICS) which must be signed by each instructor and then returned to the Disability Resource Centre within the first few weeks of classes. To find out more, visit http://www.ucalgary.ca/drc/node/70
  • At the University of Toronto, students register with the disability office and complete an Information form. Based on the information provided, the Front Desk staff will give each student the appropriate Registration Package and students will be assigned to a professional staff member with expertise in specific areas of disabilities. Registration Packages Available are:
  • In order for students at Wilfrid Laurier University to become registered with the Accessible Learning Centre for academic accommodation they must complete the intake process and provide relevant and recent documentation. To find out more on the intake process visit http://waterloo.mylaurier.ca/accessible/info/newandreturning/registeralc/intakeprocess.htm
  • In order to receive course-based and exam-based accommodations at the University of Victoria, students must register with the Resources Centre for Students with Disabilities (RCSD). They must also notify instructors of their needs by filling in a Memo to Professors Form. To register with RCSD visit http://rcsd.uvic.ca/apply/rcsd.html
  • To receive academic accommodation at the University of Prince Edward Island, students must request it through Accessibility Services (AS). AS evaluates accommodations, either after mid-terms or near end of term, in order to determine if the accommodation is having the desired outcome. Adjustments are made as needed. To find out more see http://webstercentre.upei.ca/accessibility/what-accommodation
  • Western Universityís policy on Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities outlines that if the Services for Students with Disabilities office determines a student requires an accommodation, they must contact the instructor (at minimum by email) to discuss the essential course requirements, possible accommodations and any concerns the instructor may have with the appropriateness of the accommodation. They outline timeframes for when SSD should contact instructors and state that if they are unable to speak with instructors, they will send a letter containing the studentís needs and proposed accommodation. Policy available at http://www.westerncalendar.uwo.ca/2010/pg118.html)
  • Students with disabilities at Dalhousie University may request for classroom, exam and non-academic accommodations. The following website describes these three accommodation types in more detail and outlines the process for making requests http://studentaccessibility.dal.ca/accommodation/
  • The University of Toronto has an online guide available to help students with the process of requesting accommodations. http://www.osm.utoronto.ca/tes/forms/TES%20Student%20Guide%202010-2011%20Updated%202011-01-07.pdf
  • Trent University created a video to detail the process of booking accommodations, which is done through an online wizard. The video is available at http://www.trentu.ca/disabilityservices/justforstudents_testbookingunav.php
  • At the University of Calgary, students with concerns regarding their academic accommodations may renegotiate the academic accommodations with their Disability Resource Centre advisor. If necessary, students can request a review of the situation by the Academic Accommodation Appeals Subcommittee of the Committee on Issues for Students with Disabilities (AAAC). http://www.ucalgary.ca/drc/node/75
  • St. Clair College has established a process for people to provide feedback on how the College provides goods or services to people with disabilities and how the College responds to any feedback and takes action on any complaints. Additionally, the College makes the information about its feedback process readily available to the public. Comments, questions and concerns can be submitted via the web at http://www.stclaircollege.ca/studentservices/learningcommons/disability.html

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