Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions

Online Training Resources

The resources below are examples that may be helpful in providing online training options for students with disabilities who are transitioning to PSE from high school.

College/University Resources

  • Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) offers an online training course for students with disabilities called a Test Drive. This includes a variety of videos where NSCC students and graduates introduce potential students to a sample of programs. There is also the Full Test Drive where prospective students meet with current students and faculty to learn what it’s really like to be a College Student. http://www.disabilityservices.nscc.ca/en/home/exploreyouroptions/testdrive/
  • For students who cannot attend the Orientation for Students with Learning Disabilities or would like access to the information, York University has developed a PowerPoint presentation as well as an auditory overview of Learning Disability Services. The PowerPoint is available online for download http://www.yorku.ca/cds/lds/newstudents.html
  • College of the North Atlantic has a Transitioning to College section on their website which offers information on what students should know before beginning school. This includes things such as human rights, college and student responsibilities, self advocacy and distance learning. http://www.cna.nl.ca/disability-services/transition-to-college/
  • Trent University has an Online Transition Program which is aimed at self-advocacy and skills development for students with learning disabilities/ADHD. To find out more please contact Trent Disability Services at disabilityservices@trentu.ca
  • Trent University offers a special online section for parents/guardians of students with disabilities. The idea is that parents/guardians have a changing role when their child goes to college/university; from an advocate to a coach. The website includes information for parents including a parent handbook. http://www.trentu.ca/disabilityservices/justforparents.php

    There is also the ‘Parent Path’ website which contains tips for parents of a student with a disability as well as a calendar describing the “normal routine” of students by term week. The aim is to help parents understand what is happening in their kids’ lives and provide advice on how they can encourage and support them. http://www.trentu.ca/disabilityservices/justforparents_parentpath.php

External Resources

  • Youth2youth program has a section entitled Getting Ready which provides information for students with disabilities making the transition to post-secondary education. It includes sections such as the differences between high school and post secondary, a college/university readiness checklist, access to disability centres, funding sources, etc. http://www.youth2youth.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=48

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