Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions

Housing Resources

Included below are examples from PSE institutions across Canada that may be helpful in designing and providing accessible housing options for students with disabilities.

College/University Resources

  • Trent University Housing Services has residence spaces available which accommodate students with disabilities. http://www.trentu.ca/housing/services/disabilityservices.php
  • At the University of Calgary accessible suites are available on campus. Applications for on-campus housing are available starting February/March of each year. Students can apply online at http://www.ucalgary.ca/residence.
  • At the University of Western Ontario, all residences, with the exception of Medway-Sydenham Hall, are accessible to persons with disabilities. Additionally, three of the residences, Essex Hall, Elgin Hall and Perth Hall have a number of barrier-free design features, including specially designed suites. For more information on the amenities available in these residences, please see the Residences at Western web page http://www.residenceatwestern.ca/spneeds.cfm
  • Carleton University offers attendant services to students with disabilities living in residence to assist them with daily activities and any special needs. http://www2.carleton.ca/pmc/attendant-services-program/

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