Enhancing Accessibility in Post-Secondary Education Institutions

Parking / Transportation Resources

Included below are examples from PSE institutions across Canada that may be helpful in designing and providing accessible transportation options for students with disabilities.

College/University Resources

  • Western Accessible Transportation is provided for University of Western students through Services for Students with Disabilities. This services is available for traveling among university locations, including the affiliated colleges. Find out more details at http://www.sdc.uwo.ca/ssd/index.html?transport
  • A paratransit service is available for traveling between the pavilions of the University of Montreal. For this service, students must contact an advisor early in the term to establish a travel schedule. Changes can be made as necessary. To learn more see http://www.bsesh.umontreal.ca/accessibilite/transport.htm

External Resources

  • Transport Canada plays a coordinating role with the International Transport Forum (formerly the European Conference of Ministers of Transport [ECMT]) and all of the Canadian jurisdictions to implement the ECMT resolution no. 97/4 on the reciprocal recognition of parking badges. All ten provinces and the Yukon have agreed to participate in the agreement. For more information visit http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/policy/acc-accf-accessexecutivesummary-704.htm
  • Many regional transportation services offer door-to-door shared-ride transportation service for people with mobility issues. They are usually run through the regional public transit systems. Some examples:
    • The University of Victoria refers students to handyDart which is a door-to-door shared-ride transportation service offered through BCTransit. It is for people who are unable to use the regular transit service some or all of the time due to mobility issues associated with a permanent or temporary physical or cognitive disability. Students must be registered with handyDart to use the service. http://www.transitbc.com/regions/cfv/accessible/handydart.cfm
    • Para Transpo is a door-to-door transportation service for persons with disabilities who are unable to use conventional transit services. It is funded by the City of Ottawa and administered by OC Transpo. This would be ideal for students at the colleges and universities within the Ottawa area. http://www.octranspo1.com/community-events/para_transpo

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