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KNOTS--An undergraduate Journal of Disability Studies
Ottawa, Alberta
KNOTS--An undergraduate Journal of Disability Studies--is seeking submissions for the seventh issue!
This issue of KNOTS seeks to reflect on how understandings and practices of interdependence, care and access shape our social, material, and political lives. Our consideration of this theme comes from reflections upon present shifts in mainstream discourse surrounding dependence, collective access, care, health, wellness, labour, and consequently, disability and critical disability justice. Thinking beyond our ever-shifting societies that have been strained by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic/endemic, we invite readers and contributors to consider narratives of solidarity, futurity, potentiality and possibility.
We are calling for:
• Written manuscripts of up to 4500 words (including citations).
• Artistic submissions with an artist’s statement of up to 350 words
• Film and book reviews of up to 1500 words.
The deadline for submissions is May 2nd, 2022.
Submission must be word documents and emailed to

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