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AMI Connect
Ottawa, Ontario
Increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in the media is important, but is it really happening? And what can be done to ensure it does? Join us virtually on Wednesday, May 4, from 1-2:30 p.m. Eastern, as we address this topic.

The event begins with a one-on-one chat with social media influencer Molly Burke. Then, be the first to see the debut episode of AMI's newest television series, In Focus, as host April Hubbard and guests Maysoon Zayid, Prince Amponsah, Keely Cat-Wells discuss the depiction of disability on screen and on stage.

The episode will be followed by a lively panel discussion, led by NOW with Dave Brown host Dave Brown, with a further discussion on media depiction of disability on screen and on stage with members of the disability community, including Maysoon Zayid, Bruce Cook, Kelly MacDonald and Michelle Asgarali.

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