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Students for Barrier Free Access (SBA), Uniiversity of Toronto
Discussion of the University of Toronto's Policy on Sexual Violence and Harassment
Toronto, Ontario
2019/02/07 - 2019/02/11
Discussion of the University of Toronto's Policy on Sexual Violence and Harassment

All University of Toronto students are invited to a student-led discussion on the University of Toronto’s Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment.

In January 2017, the University of Toronto implemented this Policy to fulfill the requirements of Bill 132. While this was a positive step toward addressing sexual violence within the University, it is clear that there are ongoing issues, many of which have been raised by student groups.

Throughout February 2019, there will be consultations to obtain feedback on students’ experiences with this Policy, the supports and accommodations available to survivors and, more generally, the culture surrounding gender-based violence within the University. These consultations are open to all graduate and undergraduate students (full time and part time).

Room Locations:

February 7th from 3-5pm in room 270 of the Student Centre and at the Mississauga campus.

February 8th from 3-5pm in room 5160 of OISE (252 Bloor Street West)

February 11th from 2-4pm in Rex’s Lab, Scarborough Campus

All rooms will be accessible, and food will be provided.
If you require specific accommodations, please contact

University of Toronto Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy:

Silence is Violence Report:

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