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Mattinson Scholarship Program for Students With Disabilities - 2014


Each year the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) offers the Mattinson Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities to encourage Canadian students with permanent disabilities to pursue university studies with the ultimate objective of obtaining a first undergraduate degree. The deadline in 2014 for submissions is May 15th.


Up to six (6) scholarships, distributed as follows:
-  1 in the category of Physical Disability;
- 1 in the category of Sensory Disability;
-  1 in the category of Mental Health Disability;
-  1 in the category of Learning Disability;
- 2 in any of the previously listed categories.

- $2,500 CAD for a bachelor degree program, tenable for one academic year.

- Applicable towards full-time studies for applicants entering the first year or already enrolled in a first bachelor degree program.

a) Applicant
Eligible applicants must:
- be Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have lived in Canada for minimum 2 years;
- be diagnosed with a permanent disability which is documented and is the primary disability for which they are applying.

N.B. “A permanent disability is a permanent functional limitation resulting from physical, sensory or mental health impairment or a learning disability which affects the ability of
the student to perform the activities necessary to participate fully in postsecondary learning”.

N.B. ADD/ADHD alone is not considered a learning disability. Eligible candidates with ADD/ADHD must also provide documentation of a specific learning disability as specified
in the Application Procedures below.

b) Academic

Eligible applicants must have:
- a minimum cumulative average of 85% (or equivalent) over the last three semesters of available marks;
- non-academic courses such as career or personal development related courses will not be considered.

c) Application form and Supporting Documents
Eligible applicants must provide:
- a duly completed application form;
- an official transcript of the last three semesters of available marks, that is, marks for the period of September 2012 to December 2013;

NB: A transcript will be considered acceptable only if it meets the following criteria:
1- It is presented on the official paper of the institution;
2- It bears the appropriate signature(s) and/or seal of the institution.
Home school grades will only be accepted if they have been validated through a recognized independent evaluation process.

- two signed reference letters with the references’ original signatures (one from a
teacher and one from a person familiar with their volunteer/community involvement and/or extracurricular activities);

- a 250-word essay describing their volunteer/community involvement and/or extracurricular activities and their future goals;
- the list of activities related to your volunteer/community involvement and/or extracurricular activities;
-  proof of disability in one of the following forms: medical certificate, documentation showing receipt of federal and/or provincial disability assistance, or a letter, signed
and on a letterhead, confirming the permanent disability from an official from the institution’s centre for students with disabilities.

-  No restrictions on the program of study or discipline.
- Program must be of a minimum three year duration.

- Canadian educational institutions which have provincial degree-granting powers, or their affiliates.

a) Depending on the curriculum, an Applied Bachelor Program may be considered either as a university level program or a college level program.
b) Previous holders of the scholarship can apply in subsequent years but must submit a new application form and all required documents. A candidate cannot be selected to
receive an award more than four times in the years leading to a first undergraduate degree.
c) The applicant in a final year of study and required to attend only one academic term before graduation, is eligible to apply for a $1,250 scholarship provided all other criteria
are met.
d) In the event that the scholarship recipient is unable to complete the academic semester, for which payment has been made, he/she must submit to the AUCC a medical report
providing an explanation in order to be eligible to receive the second installment of the scholarship payment.


a) Selection of winners is made by a committee of experts chosen by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC).
b) Evaluation criteria:
- Academic performance;
- Volunteer/community involvement and/or extracurricular activities;
- Quality and relevance of the reference letters. c) Selection Committee’s decision is irrevocable.

- Return the signed Scholarship Acceptance Form provided by the AUCC.
- Send proof of registration from the educational institution you will be attending.
-  Use the scholarship in the academic year for which it is awarded.

- AUCC will forward payment of the scholarship to the student.
- Payment will be made in two instalments - one for each regular academic semester.

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) administers the scholarship program. AUCC’s mandate is to facilitate the development of public policy on higher
education and to encourage cooperation among universities and governments, industry, communities, and institutions in other countries. AUCC is associated with leading firms in
nearly every sector of the economy through its provision of scholarship services and management of more than 130 different scholarships programs on behalf of corporations,
government agencies and private foundations throughout North America. For additional information, please visit

Paper Application:
- Postmarked paper application must be sent to the AUCC no later than MAY 15, 2014. IMPORTANT: You are responsible for ensuring that the post office postmarks your envelope by the due date. Further information and an application form may be requested directly from the AUCC at the address noted below. Please refer to the Mattinson Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities.

Mail to:
Higher Education Scholarships
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)
Ref: Mattinson Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities
600-350 Albert Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 1B1
Telephone: (613) 563-1236 Facsimile: (613) 563-9745
E-mail: Internet :


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