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Students United for Disability Support (SUDS)

InstitutionSimon Fraser Student Society, SFU
AddresseMBC 2234, 8888 University Drive

Burnaby (BC)
Site web
DétailsStudents United for Disability Support formed as an SFSS Constituency Group serves any student who identifies as having disability. This can include both visible disabilities and invisible disabilities, and/or physical and mental disabilities. Because the criteria for having a 'disability' are left for the individual students to identify, SUDS can include in its mandate serving students who are not registered with the University's Centre for Students with Disabilities. In 2004, SUDS won a referenda campaign for an SFSS Accessibility Fund during SFSS elections. SUDS lobbied for $0.75 from every student to be put into an Accessibility Fund from which students with disabilities could use to attend, or organize , any SFSS events that needed accommodation for disabilities. The referenda question passed with overwhelming success.



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