NEADS Conference 2000 - "Networking, Educating, Advocating: Delivering Success in the New Millennium"

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Photo of Susan T. Solursh

Susan T. Solursh, PhD student (Psychology), University of Waterloo

Susan received a Double Honours B. A. in Theatre and Psychology from York University in 1988. She returned to school after several years as a community aide for children and adolescents with developmental, pervasive developmental (PDD) and learning disabilities, and received an M. A. Sc. in Psychology from the University of Waterloo in 1999. Currently Susan is working on her Ph. D. in Psychology at the University of Waterloo and hopes to graduate around the end of 2001. Previous and current research has included the application of arts therapies for children with LD and AD/ HD, factors important to the successful outcome of persons with PDD, parental concerns about professional attitudes and behaviour, and the influence of prior knowledge on effective strategy use for Internet- based learning. Susan would like very much to see the field of psychology become more open to persons from minority/ maligned populations. The speaker's previous and current social advocacy and activism work includes: issues pertaining to gender stereotyping and women's issues; increasing public, private sector and Governmental awareness of disability issues and the effects of labelling.

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