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Comparison of Full-time and Part-time Graduate Students with Disabilities using The Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey (2016)

Comparison of STEM and Non-STEM Graduate Students with Disabilities using The Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey (2016)

A Snapshot of the Experiences of Graduate Students with Disabilities who identify as Aboriginal

Landscape of Accessibility and Accommodation for Post-Secondary Students With Disabilities in Canada report

Graduate Students With and Without Disabilities: A Comparison - The Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey (2016)

Post-Secondary Students With Disabilities: Their Experience Past and Present: An Analysis of the Statistics Canada 2012 Canadian Survey on Disability

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Success in STEM
May 2010
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NEADS 2008 Conference Report
November 2008

NEADS 2006 Conference Report
November 2006

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Access to Academic Materials for Print-Disabled Post-Secondary Students
May 2005
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Making Extra-Curricular Activities Inclusive
March 2005
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Access to Success: A Guide for Employers
December 2003
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NEADS Conference 2002: Proceedings Report
November 2002

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Employment Connections: A Transition Tool Kit for Youth with Disabilities
August 2002

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Moving On: A guide for students with disabilities making the transition to post-secondary education
July 2002
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Faculty Awareness and Training in the Post-Secondary Community: An Annotated Bibliography
March 2001
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National Directory of Financial Assistance Programs For Post-Secondary Students With Disabilities
January 2000
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NEADS Conference 2000: Proceedings Report
November 2000

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Working Towards a Coordinated National Approach to Services
July 1999
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NEADS Conference 1998 Report
September 1999

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Transition From School to Work: Career Choices For Youth With Disabilities -- Resource Package
July 1997
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Employment Opportunities for Post-Secondary Students and Graduates with Disabilities: A National Study
July 1996
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Study of Financial Assistance Available to Post-Secondary Students With Disabilities: Accommodating Individual Needs for the Future
ISBN 0-9697716-0-6


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