NEADS Conference 2000 - "Networking, Educating, Advocating: Delivering Success in the New Millennium"

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Photo of Barry Wheeler

Barry Wheeler, Disability Resource Person, University of Guelph

Barry Wheeler is a 44 year man who has had Charcot- Marie- Tooth disease all his life. This is a progressive neuromuscular disorder. Barry attended the University of Guelph from 1993- 1999. During that time, he completed a BA in Sociology. Once he completed his degree at the U. of G., Barry obtained employment at the Centre for Students with Disabilities. During his academic career at the U of G, he networked all over campus, sometimes representing the CSD and other times himself. Barry's title at the University of Guelph is Disability Resource Person for the Centre for Students with Disabilities. In this position he helps students with practical and administrative needs. Barry Wheeler says that he loves his position at the University. Being a consumer and now a service provider at the Centre for Students with Disabilities is very rewarding.

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