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NEADS x Invisible Institutions: Institutionalization and the Future of Care
Ottawa, Ontario
October 14, 2022
Join NEADS on October 14th at 3pm EDT on Zoom as we host Invisible Institutions for our latest Virtual Access for All Webinar! Our expert speakers are Megan Linton, Keely Grossman, and Michael Baker. This one-hour panel explores today's institutionalization practices and re-imagines the future of care.
Closed captioning will be provided - please email to request additional accessibility features. Registration is required. This event is a feature of our Virtual Access for All webinar series, which is generally supported by Employment and Social Development Canada's Supports for Student Learning Program.
About Invisible Institutions
Invisible Institutions is a community knowledge hub documenting the ongoing institutionalization of persons with disabilities across Canada. This project aims to build awareness about the ongoing realities of institutionalization across Canada through research, capacity building, and knowledge mobilization.
Meet the Speakers
Megan Linton
Megan Linton (she/her) is a PhD student, writer, and researcher. Her research challenges disability institutionalization and their profit motives. Her writing has been published in Briarpatch Magazine, the Disability Visibility Project, Canadian Dimension, CBC Opinions, the Hamilton Spectator and the Ottawa Citizen. Recently, she produced and wrote the Invisible Institutions podcast.
Keely Grossman
Keely Grossman (she/her) is currently a Sociology PhD student at Carleton University. Her Masters thesis analyzed recollections of girlhood at residential schools for the blind. Her current research interests are centered around disability, and theory. In the past, she has initiated disability related activism on campus.
Michael Baker
Michael Baker (he/him) is a K-12 educator, PhD candidate and sessional lecturer at the University of Manitoba, a member of the Human Rights Committee of Council for the city of Winnipeg, and chair of the Inclusion and Accessibility sub-committee of council. He is a consultant - currently at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, advocate and ally.
About NEADSí Virtual Access for All Project
NEADS' Virtual Access for All Project provides educational support and awareness aimed at students with disabilities transitioning into post-secondary education. Accessibility and accommodations resources are provided through our quarterly State of the Schools publications, while our regular webinar series addresses topics such as self-advocacy, accessing accommodations at work and school, and transitioning into the workforce. Further, financial support is available through NEADS' Student Awards Program and Accessibility Resilience Program. Virtual Access for All is generously supported by Employment and Social Development Canada's Goal Getters Program, and has recently received an upward amendment in response to positive reception.

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