National Educational Association of Disabled Students Launches Scholarships and Award Program

Funding from BMO Capital Markets Makes Innovative Program Possible

OTTAWA, November 27, 2006 - The National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) became one of four Canadian recipients of donations from BMO Capital Market’s annual Equity Through Education™ program. NEADS is now pleased to announce the creation of the NEADS Equity Through Education Student Scholarships and Award for Campus Groups to assist disabled students.

“Thanks to a $212,500 donation from BMO Capital Markets, NEADS is proud to introduce our new Equity through Education Scholarships and Award Program,” said Julia Munk, Project Consultant, National Educational Association of Disabled Students. “This program is designed to create equitable opportunities for post-secondary students with disabilities by offering funding to eligible post-secondary students and campus groups.

“One of the major barriers for students with disabilities in accessing post-secondary education is financial burden above and beyond tuition and cost of living expenses. Disability-related academic accommodations are often expensive,” said Ms. Munk. “Students who are not eligible for government loan programs are repeatedly faced with systemic barriers to funding.

“While disability scholarships are one way of alleviating this barrier for students with disabilities, currently, only a limited number of disability-related scholarships are available. Many of these scholarships are disability-specific. In order to be fully inclusive, NEADS will be providing cross-disability scholarships in its new program that will focus on the student rather than the disability,” added Ms. Munk.

As a national disability rights organization, NEADS is dedicated to providing support for community development initiatives on campuses across the country. This is the first award of its kind in Canada. NEADS will be providing assistance to campus groups and committees through the Award for Campus Groups.

For further information on the scholarship and awards program and application forms, please go to the NEADS website:

NEADS Equity Through Education Scholarships & Awards - Application Materials

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About Equity Through Education

The Equity Through Education charitable program was launched by BMO Capital Markets in 2005 to support the notion that gaining an education is a means of improving lives. Funds raised through Equity Through Education are donated to charitable organizations whose mission includes improving access to education and training for bright, deserving people who otherwise might not have the opportunity. To date, Equity Through Education has raised $3.2 million.

Contact: Julia Munk, Project Consultant, Equity Through Education: Phase II