Requesting Submissions for the NEADS Newsletter

The National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) will be publishing a Winter 2008 issue of the NEADS Newsletter. At this time we are requesting articles, from 200 - 1,000 words in length, to be submitted by December 1, 2007. Subject matter will address issues of access to post-secondary education and/or the transition from school to work for students and graduates with disabilities. We are also interested in learning about the activities and initiatives of campus based organizations of students with disabilities. The editors of the NEADS Newsletter will select the articles that appear in the Winter 2008 issue of the newsletter. Content may be edited to meet space requirements.

Please send submissions by December 1st to the NEADS office by e-mail -- --or regular mail and include full contact information so that we can follow-up with writers. Anyone interested in submitting an article to the newsletter is encouraged to submit their name, contact information and a brief (2-3 line) description of your intended article to the NEADS office, no later than November 15.