DAWN Canada research on legal experiences of persons with disabilities

DAWN Canada has been contracted to carry out qualitative research examining the experiences of persons with physical and mental health disabilities with respect to their legal experiences. Specifically, we are looking to engage persons with disabilities who have encountered 'serious legal problems' (defined below) in the past three years.

Legal problems are problems that can be resolved through the legal system.
Serious legal problems are any legal issue you may have encountered that were hard to solve.

Please note that "serious legal problems' include a wide range of issues that are quite common for many people with disabilities including:

- Being fired by your employer without a reason.
-Dealing with the police, either if you are a victim of a crime or threats or if they have been called on you.
-Being sued and/or suing someone.
-Going through a divorce or child custody dispute.
-Being evicted from where you live and seeking legal support.
-Trouble accessing disability supports, social assistance, or housing support.
-Purchasing a service and not receiving what you’ve paid for (a contractor working on your house who takes the money but doesn’t finish the job).
-Being fired from a job without cause and seeking legal support because you think you were discriminated against.
-Receiving poor medical treatment and/or being harmed by a medical professional.
-Being harassed or discriminated against.
-Not being believed or supported in making a complaint.

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