KNOTS Call for Papers: Deadline January 25th

KNOTS is a peer-reviewed undergraduate journal of disabilities studies, housed out of the University of Toronto. We are currently seeking submissions for our 6th issue entitled ‘Disability Justice Now’.

This issue of KNOTS will engage with disability justice frameworks which allow us to better understand and proactively address the ongoing presence of implicit and explicit forms of ableism in our social justice movements, while also reckoning with the exclusionary and ongoing history of disability activism. We are inviting written and creative submissions, from current undergraduate students and students who have recently graduated from undergraduate programs, that engage broadly with the intersections of BIPOC/racialized disability, health and mental health, social movements and activism.

We are calling for:

    Written manuscripts of up to 4500 words (including citations).
    Artistic submissions with an artist’s statement of up to 350 words
    Film and book reviews of up to 1500 words.

The deadline for submissions is January 25th, 2021

Submission must be word documents and emailed to

For more information please visit: