STUDENTS at StFX University, Acadia University, Mount Allison University and Bishop's University are invited to share perspectives on accessibility on campus.

Dear Students,

In an effort to understand the current state of accessibility on each of the Maple League Universities campuses, we are conducting a survey to identify areas in campus accessibility where improvement is needed.  We would also like to identify accessibility policies and practices on your campus that are working.  The information gathered as a result of this research will be used to inform the development of accessibility standards on the Maple League Universities campuses as required by the Accessible Canada Act (and the Nova Scotia Accessibility Act – applies to Acadia and St.F.X. recipients only). We are hoping that as a student, you might be able to provide important insight on this topic.  As a result, we are requesting your participation in our research. Please find a link to the survey listed below.

Please note that participation in the survey is both voluntary and confidential.

Please do not hesitate to contact the researchers through the information listed below should you have any questions.

Contact Information for Researchers
Dr. Katie Aubrecht, Department of Sociology; Email:
Dr. Erin Austen, Department of Psychology; Email:
Dr. Cynthia Bruce, Education; Email:
Dr. Jane Dryden, Philosophy; Email:
Dr. Mary Ellen Donnan, Sociology; Email: