Centennial College’s Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion is excited to announce the launch of its new publication – Ignite Changes Magazine!

For over ten years, the Global Citizen Digest has been a hub for sharing ideas on global citizenship education across Centennial College. Much has changed over these years and our global community is now in the midst of profound social shifts. COVID-19 has transformed our daily lives, a widespread racial reckoning is pushing for the dismantling of systemic racism, the negative impacts of climate change are rapidly increasing and advancements in technology are connecting us at rates higher than ever before. In alignment with these profound changes, the Global Citizen Digest has been relaunched as Ignite Changes Magazine!

Ignite Changes Magazine remains a hub for the sharing of critical reflections, innovative ideas and promising practices on global citizenship, social justice and changemaking education. It will primarily highlight the work and perspectives of Centennial College staff, faculty and students – showcasing the inspiring and ground-breaking work we are doing to build changemakers. Ignite Changes Magazine is a call to action – a resource offering the knowledge, tools and support needed to collectively foster significant social change.

The first issue of Ignite Changes Magazine explores the power of UDL. Bursting with tips on integrating University for Design for Learning (UDL) in the learning environment, the issue features articles by Centennial College staff, Scott Tanaka and Sterling Crowe, as well as a guest piece by Melissa Simas of the Scarborough Women’s Centre. It provides a robust overview of Centennial College’s dynamic and comprehensive efforts to promote UDL.

Access the current issue here.