2012 Canadian Survey on Disability

A New Look At People With Disabilities -

On December 3, 2013, new data will be released from the 2012 Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD), providing information about Canadians aged 15 and over whose daily activities are limited due to a long-term condition or health-related issue. The CSD improves upon previous surveys by enabling participants to indicate the degree to which their conditions impact their everyday lives and by applying the social model of disability broadly across all types of disabilities.

Products available

The first release of data from the Canadian Survey on Disability includes a Fact Sheet with a brief overview of disability rates, type, and severity of disability among Canadians aged 15 and over.   Data tables, which have been produced for Canada, the provinces and territories are also available, including:

·             Adults aged 15 and over, with and without disabilities by sex and age group

·             Prevalence of disability for adults, aged 15 and over, by sex and age group

·             Severity of disability for adults, aged 15 and over, by sex and age group

·             Type of disability for adults, aged 15 and over, by sex and age group 

Later releases will include research data files, a concepts and methods guide and an analytical report.  The report will address important subjects like the use of aids and assistive devices, help received or required, employment and educational experiences of persons with disabilities.

A comprehensive picture

The Canadian Survey on Disability provides a comprehensive picture of the issues affecting Canadians who have difficulty carrying out their daily activities due to a disability. This is a valuable source of information for a variety of stakeholders who are interested in enabling Canadians with disabilities to fully participate in society.

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