Announcement Council of Canadians With Disabilities (CCD): Rebuilding Our Capacity to Be a Voice for Disability Rights

For Immediate Release December 14, 2021

The Executive and Council of the Council of Canadians With Disabilities (CCD) has, since June 2020, worked on modernizing our policies, practices and systems, as well as strengthening our ability to play a meaningful, strategic and convening role as a human rights advocacy organization in the disability community. We have new work groups, committees and volunteers who are picking up the workload on finances, human resources, technology, and governance. Our human rights, social policy, international and transportation teams continue their work.

CCD appreciates the contribution made by three contractors who recently concluded their work for our organization: Shari Hildred, Joanne Grant, and Jewelles Smith. We wish them success in their future endeavors and thank them for their work.

As part of its renewal, CCD is moving to re-engage in the intersectional and cross disability community.  We will be reaching out to our allies and organizations in the disability landscape. We are open to learning about community members’ priorities and having conversations about how we can work together collaboratively to advance these priorities.

Please note the Council voted to keep Heather Walkus, First Vice Chair, as the Acting Chair until our AGM in June 2022 and April D’Aubin our Research Analyst, will serve as our CCD Coordinator at this time. All CCD inquiries can be directed to them.  

For More Information Contact:

April D’Aubin

Research Analyst, CCD Coordinator

Tel: 204-947-0303 CST


Heather Walkus, Acting Chairperson

Tel: 250-501-1112  PST


About CCD

CCD is a national human rights organization of people with disabilities working for an equitable, inclusive and accessible Canada.

Our Mission: The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) is a social justice organization of people with all disabilities that champions the voices of people with disabilities, advocating for an equitable, inclusive and accessible Canada, where people with disabilities have full realization of their human rights, as described in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Our Mandate: The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) unites advocacy organizations of people with disabilities to defend and extend human rights for persons with disabilities through public education, advocacy, intervention in litigation, research, consultation and partnerships. CCD amplifies the expertise of our partners by acting as a convening body and consensus builder.

Source: Council of Canadians With Disabilities