NEADS seeks new partnerships!

February 2nd, 2022

Algonquin Anishanaabeg Territory/ Ottawa, Ontario

The National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) is seeking new partnerships with disabled student groups, community organizations, and service providers as we aim to best represent and serve our constituents. By formalizing and re-energizing our current partnership procedures, we hope to better amplify and support the disability community and its allies as we fight for full, equal, and meaningful participation in all aspects of society.

Partners with NEADS receive strategic advice on accessibility and inclusion practices, speaking and networking opportunities, external and internal promotions, and more! 

As we work together for a more equitable future of employment and post-secondary education, partners are encouraged to help NEADS meet our core objectives of debt reduction, employment, and experience in-class and on-campus.  

Priority will be given to on-campus disabled students groups and community organizations centering intersectionality.

More About NEADS

NEADS is a by-and-for cross-disability charity supporting full access to employment and education for disabled post-secondary students and graduates across Canada. Focusing on student debt reduction, experience in class and on campus, and employment, NEADS collaborates with a variety of stakeholders to improve opportunities in higher education and the labour market. NEADS provides ongoing expert advice to Employment and Social Development Canada and provincial/territorial governments, and is frequently requested for consultations in a variety of sectors. 

Notable NEADS' Projects and Resources

Virtual Access for All - a 3 year project consisting of webinars, research, mentoring, and financial resources focusing on the transition into post-secondary. 

Accessibility Resilience Program - a financial assistance program addressing the unmet costs disabled students face in transitioning to online/hybrid learning through reimbursements. 

Student Awards Program - an annual awards program encouraging full access to post-secondary students with disabilities encompassing 6 different awards. - an online directory of disability-specific scholarships.

For more information on partnerships or to schedule an intake meeting, please email Communications Officer Carly Fox at

Carly Fox, Researcher and Communications Officer, NEADS

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