Employ-Ability comes to First College in Kelowna

Employ-Ability is the first program of its kind in the Kelowna area. Offered in partnership with Neil Squire Society, the Employ-Ability program at First College is a 12-week, no-cost program offering career development, life skills, and computer training to persons with physical disabilities. The program is delivered through blended learning, which combines web-based and physical classroom delivery. The program is offered daily from Monday through Wednesday from 10 am to 3 pm.

First College is now accepting practicum students to work as classroom facilitators in the Employ-Ability program. This opportunity will be of interest to students who are currently enrolled in areas of study such as education, psychology, career development, social work, vocational rehabilitation, occupational therapy, human services, and related programs. Anyone interested in completing their work practicum in the EA program at First College can phone Derek Wilson, Program Director at (778) 754-2888 or email To learn more about Employ-Ability at First College, please visit:

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Derek Wilson, M.A.

Program Director

First College

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