Ontario Justice Education Network bursaries for grade 12 students

Pursuing Careers in the Justice Sector

Funding for Students!

Bursaries are available to grade 12 students in Ontario, pursuing post-secondary studies related to the many careers in the justice system at an Ontario University or College.

Bursaries are offered by the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN/OREJ) in each judicial region, sponsored by the Association of Justices of the Peace of Ontario (AJPO), the Ontario Conference of Judges (OCJ) and the Ontario Superior Court Judges’ Association (OSCJA).  

The AJPO, OCJ and OSCJA recognize the importance of fostering interest and aspiration in young people to pursue the many diverse careers in the justice sector.  Therefore, they have allocated funding to create 22 bursaries, 1 for each judicial region. These bursaries will provide direct support to students in secondary school who have enrolled in a post-secondary institution and who plan to pursue a career in the justice sector. The bursaries will help students make the transition from secondary school to university or college. Students must demonstrate financial need, but do not have to have applied for a student loan.

Follow the links to apply for these bursaries:

Bursaries for Grade 12 Students Pursuing Careers in the Justice Sector (

DEADLINE: Your Application must be submitted using the online form, by Friday, April 25, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.

Additional inquiries can be sent to mail: