2011 Capacity Building Initiative: Multi-year grants recipients - Deaf and disability arts organizations

(Ottawa, July 6, 2012) In alignment with its strategic plan, Strengthening Connections 2011-16, and its overall commitment to equity and access, the Canada Council for the Arts has published Expanding the Arts: Deaf and Disability Arts, Access and Equality Strategy, and has expanded the Equity Office Capacity Building Initiative for the sector as a key component of that strategy. The Council today posted the full strategy on-line in accessible formats and released the results of that competition.

Seventeen organizations will receive approximately $1 million over three years through the Capacity Building Initiative multi-year grants program. The decisions were made through a rigorous peer assessment process that brought together leading and diverse Deaf and disability arts professionals from across Canada. Organizations will use this funding to build administrative capacity in order to sustain artistic activities.

•Abilities Arts Festival Toronto
•Arts and Disability Network Manitoba, Winnipeg
•Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf Inc. Toronto
•Corpuscule Danse, Montreal
•Gallery Gachet, Vancouver
•Joe Jack et John, Montreal
•Keys to the Studio, Toronto
•Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture, Vancouver
•Le Bureau de l'APA, Quebec
•Les Productions des Pieds des Mains, Montreal
•Picasso Pro, Toronto
•Picture festival, Calgary
•Propeller Dance, Ottawa
•Realwheels Theatre, Vancouver
•SPiLL/Propagation, Gatineau
•Theatre Terrific, Vancouver
•Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival, Toronto

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