The Abilities Connect Fund - Grants for Hiring and Accommodating People with Disabilities in Ontario

The AbIlities Connect Fund offers grants for hiring and accommodating people with disabilities. Are you a business or not-for-profit organization that employs between five to 500 people? If so, through the Abilities Connect Fund you may qualify for:

• Up to $20,000 for the employment (co-ops, internships, part-time, fulltime) of persons with a disability with preferences given to college/university students or recent graduates with disabilities; and

• Up to $3,000 for the purchase of assistive devices, training, and assessments for ANY employee(s) with a disability.
The Abilities Connect Fund, administered by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, seeks to encourage employers to leverage an untapped talent pool to meet their skills requirements and raise awareness about the benefits of hiring, training and integrating people with disabilities in the workplace. Visit ABILITIESCONNECT.CA and apply today!

The program is supported and funded by the Province of Ontario.