University of Manitoba (UMSU) is looking for a Students Living with Disabilities Representative!

Position Title: Students Living with Disabilities Representative 

Posting date: September 20, 2017
Reports to: UMSU Council
Description of position:
1. The Representative serves as the liaison between the Accessibility Centre community and UMSU Council, serving to bring an important perspective to matters that are before UMSU Council.
2. Interested applicants for the position will be given an opportunity to introduce themselves to UMSU Council on October 12th, after which Council will vote to fill the position.  In the case of only a single applicant it shall be a Yes/No vote.
Responsibilities of the representative include the following:
a.Act as Chair for their Community Group Assembly meetings;
b. Advocate on behalf of, and represent their community at UMSU Council in the best interest of their community;
c. Assist the Services Coordinator with advocacy initiatives and programming;
d. Be responsible for setting up assembly meetings and to ensure access to all Governing
e. Act as a liaison between UMSU Council and the Community;
f. Participate in the creation and implementation of UMSU campaigns;
g. Provide reports from the Community to UMSU Council at all regular Council meetings;
h. Report to the Assembly all relevant UMSU Council business and updates.
The qualifications of the position include the following:
1. Must be an UMSU member;
2. Must self identify as a student living with a disability.
All interested candidates are asked to email the UMSU Council Chair at by 4pm on Thursday, October 12, 2017.
Thank you. 
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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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