Disabled Students as Knowledge Generators Survey

Dear potential participants,

Aspen Lillywhite an undergraduate research student of mine and myself are investigating the topic of disabled students as knowledge producers through our Canadian Institute of Health Research grant we obtained as part of a Canadian European Community collaboration with my colleagues coming from Germany and Austria.

We would be really grateful if you could fill out the survey which is available at

The survey consists of yes or no questions but also has open ended questions and every question has a comment box.
We hope not just for yes or no answers but also for qualitative content in the comment boxes and the open ended questions.

We will not be able to see who fills out the survey. Thank you so much for you giving up your time to help us in our study.

About the study

Disabled people are highly impacted by what evidence is generated to inform policies. Values are an important part of evidence-based policy decision making. At the same time lack of evidence such as missing evidence on the social situation of disabled people has been thematized by many for some time including by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Disabled people including disabled students and others in conjunction with disabled people can be generators of evidence through research activities.

Given the evidence generation problems identified in regard to disabled people and that disabled people could be evidence generators, the purpose of this study is to understand better the role and reality of disabled people including disabled students as evidence generators.

The study received ethics approval from the University of Calgary


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