Call for Nominations for the 2013 CDSA-ACEI Tanis Doe Award

The Executive Board of CDSA-ACEI is pleased to announce that the fifth annual CDSA-ACEI Tanis Doe Award for Canadian Disability Study and Culture is now accepting nominations for 2013.

Criteria for nominations are the nominee is either a Canadian or a Permanent Resident who works in Canada. Any individual can submit a nomination, but an individual may only submit one nomination in any award-cycle year. Self-nominations not accepted.

Letters of Nomination should be 1 to 3 pages in length and include:

1. Name, affiliation, phone number, complete mailing address, and email address of the nominee.
2. Name and contact information for the person making the nomination.
3. The research, teaching, art, or advocacy achievement or achievements of the nominee that merit consideration for this award.
4. A brief biographical sketch of the nominee.

Please send your nominations to CDSA-ACEI. The deadline for nominations is 4:00pm EST on Friday February 15, 2013.

The winner of the 2013 Tanis Doe Award will be acknowledged at the 2013 CDSA-ACEI conference and will receive:

• $200 cash

• 2013 CDSA-ACEI Conference registration fee (applicable only if the recipient attends the conference) and an invitation to present at the conference.

• Membership in CDSA-ACEI for 2013-2014

• Invitation to submit a paper to peer-review for the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies for possible publication in the journal

• Invitation to write an article for the CDSA-ACEI Newsletter

The Call for Nominations for the 2013 CDSA-ACEI Tanis Doe Award for Canadian Disability Study and Culture is also available in a one-page poster to put up on office or hallway bulletin boards. You can download it in either MS Word format or PDF format.

Award Recipients

2013 -- to be announced at a later time
2012 -- Roy Hanes, Carleton University
2011 -- Jerome Bickenbach, Queens University
2010 -- Heidi Janz, University of Alberta
2009 -- Diane Driedger, University of Manitoba/Independent Living Canada

The CDSA-ACEI Tanis Doe Award for Canadian Disability Study and Culture was first awarded in 2009, and is named for the activist and professor, Tanis Doe, who passed away in 2004. This award honours an individual who dares to "speak the unspeakable" in advancing the study and culture of disability, and who has enriched through research, teaching, or activism, the lives of Canadians with disabilities. CDSA-ACEI is grateful for the support and permission of Tanis' family to honour her achievements in Disability Studies with this award.

About Tanis Doe

Tanis Doe did innovative work on participatory action research, disability, abuse, women, employment, assistive technology, and advocacy. She was a professor of social work and disability studies at the University of Victoria, and also taught at Royal Roads University, Ryerson University, and the University of Washington. She was a 2003 Fulbright Scholar in Bioethics at the University of Washington. She conducted research for innumerable organizations in both Canada and the United States, and consulted with organizations around the world.

As a Métis (Ojibway/French Canadian) Deaf woman with other disabilities who was active in disability, queer, and feminist movements internationally, Tanis Doe was widely respected as a disability rights advocate and as an educator that provided leadership training and personal mentorship to untold numbers of scholars and advocates across the Western Hemisphere.

In Tanis' words, "Some of us have become visible citizens of that other place, using our bodies as our passports. People with disabilities are frightening to the non-disabled because our citizenship is made clear. In and with our bodies, we testify to both the existence and proximity of that Otherland."

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