Speed Mentoring Event in Ottawa for High School Students for High School Students Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision

The Association of Federal Public Servants with Visual Impairments (FPSVIP) is
Organising a job fair for high school students who are blind or have low
Vision on April 18,  from 1PM to 5 PM, at 90 Elgin Street, Ottawa.

People will have an opportunity to go from person to person to ask
Questions, talk about the work that person has done, their career and tips
for the field they used to or currently work in.  The activity is delivered
in a speed mentoring format.  The goal is to showcase job opportunities
and career paths taken by blind professionals.

The following careers will be represented at our event:

·        Project manager
·        Vision replacement technology instructor
·        Financial Analyst
·        Adapted technology support technician
·        AAACT Program Manager,
·        Computer programmer
·        director
·        Motivator
·        Dragon boat athlete
·        Get to know Technology community program founder
·        radio announcer and co-host
·        Community program director (RAPHO)
·        and many more…
For students interested, they can also be put in contact with the mentors
for future activities, discussion, questions and possible job shadowing.

Please confirm your attendance before April 11th and specify your area of interest.

Should you have any questions, please contact:
Guy Castonguay at: