Conference bursaries available to attend the Canadian Disability Studies Association Conference

Conference Bursary/ Soumission pour subvention conférencier

2019 Conference Bursary

16th Annual Conference of the

Canadian Disability Studies Association

Association canadienne d’études sur le handicap

June 1-3, 2019

University of British Columbia

Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences


CDSA-ACÉH Conference Bursaries ($200.00 each) are dedicated to helping students and community members attend the CDSA-ACÉH conference.


    This bursary is open to students and community members.
    Students may be at the undergraduate or graduate level at any Canadian college or university.
    Recipients must attend the CDSA-ACÉH conference in 2019 to receive this bursary.
    Bursary Recipients do not need to be presenters at this conference.

Applicant Name: ____________________________________________________

Do you identify as (please check one): Student: ____ Community Member: ______

Do you identify as in financial need? Yes ______ No _______

(Elaboration is not needed)

Do you plan to attend the CDSA-ACÉH conference (Required) Yes _______

Please email completed applications to with “Conference Bursary Application” by March 21st. You will hear back before the March ‘early-bird’ conference registration deadline.

Bursaries will be determined by a lottery. Bursaries will be given out at the conference in the form of cheques to reimburse conference expenses. Receipts are not required.