Petition: Accessibility of student financial aid to people with invisible disabilities

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Petition text

WHEREAS the Government of Quebec’s Student Financial Assistance (SFA, AFE in French) loans and bursaries program is required to provide students with the financial resources necessary to pursue post-secondary studies, including accommodation measures for students with disabilities (SWD);

WHEREAS since August 6, 2018, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has restricted access to these accommodations by modifying form 1015, Medical Certificate - Major Functional Disabilities and Other Recognized Disabilities, so that SWD with an invisible disability (i.e., attention deficit disorder, non-episodic mental health disorder, autism spectrum disorder, mental health disorders or a learning disability) can no longer benefit from them;

WHEREAS the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms provides for accommodation measures in a school setting for SWD, including SWD with invisible disabilities, and that the inclusion of this so-called emerging clientele has allowed a greater number of SWD to continue their studies at the post-secondary level, thanks to some 20 years of effort at the elementary and high school levels;

We, the undersigned, ask the Government of Québec to:

    amend form 1015 to restore the right to financial assistance accommodation measures for students with invisible disabilities.

Signing deadline : June 5, 2019